Senior Consultants from Black History Walks worked with Teachers TV in 2011 to write and present a mini documentary based on our walks for use in classrooms.The interactive video is separated into 4 short clips.Each 3 minute clip presents numerous facts on African-British History which depart from the usual Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and Mary Seacole trinity. Areas covered include: African influence on British architecture, African civilisations, The African king who was the richest man in the world in 1324, African Gold in the Bank of England, the Jamaican who planned to take over England in 1820 and more. 

Below are an extensive list of resources to assist teachers, pupils and the public to further explore the points raised in the videos and general Black History.

See all four of the Britains Black History videos (Obelisks,Gold,Coffee and Black Britons) here http://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storyCode=6112546

or visit our Black History Walks YouTube channel www.youtube.com/blackhistorywalks



www.youtube.com/blackhistorywalks 120 short video clips relating to African-British history

www.goldendestiny.co.uk  Step Back in Time to Ancient Kush, Secrets of the Afro comb 6000 years of Art and Culture, the Story of Early Ancient Egypt Prehistoric and Old Kingdom 20,000 to 2181 B.C. Three history books on African history specially written for primary/secondary school pupils

Caribbean Aircrew in World War 2 website Cy Grants unique website 

www.beforetheslavetrade.com pictorial details of 15 African civilisation prior to European invasion

www.100greatblackbritons.com  100 biographies of great Black British people,very useful for schools

www.whenweruled.com website to accompany 700 page book of same name on African civilisations

Caribbean National Archives section of the National Archives focused on the Caribbean

www.blackpresence.co.uk various articles on centuries of Black presence in the UK

www.britishmuseum.org/learning/schools_and_teachers/secondary/wealth_of_africa.aspx  Nine ancient African states with factsheets

4 Apps to Teach your Child Black History games and interactive quizzes on geography, science, culture and heroe

African map game Interactive map game teaching locations and names of African countries

www.black-history-month.co.uk  event listing website with book,dvd sales and articles

www.bispublications.com 4 books on Black scientists and inventors

http://www.drlez.co.uk/about-us consultants on African history, presentations, workshops, training

http://www.lacriminaldefensepartners.com/constitution-14th-amendment/ Article on US constitution and how it did not really provide equality for all which is why there was a fight for Civil Rights in the 1960's 70's

https://employment.law.tulane.edu/articles/history-of-law-the-fourteenth-amendment.html History of law, The fourteenth Amendment (Libby)

https://aizmanlaw.com/constitution-14th-amendment/ 14th Amendment resource supplied by Peyton Wertz

https://www.italiandualcitizenship.net/legal-history-of-the-14th-amendment/ (from Becca)




Let us Die Like Brothers by Commonwealth War Graves commission. Details of Black South African soldiers killed in WW1 SS Mendi disaster off the coast of the Isle of Wight

Grove Roots by Octavia Youth Foundation. Black British Civil Rights in 60's/70's Notting Hill, West London

Hidden Herstories Octavia Youth Foundation. Black British Females and Civil Rights in London 60's/70's

Coming to England with Floella Benjamin. Black British Civil Rights from a 10 year old childs perspective

Loving Hands, the Sybil Phoenix story directed by Lucia Tambini. Black British Civil Rights 1970s to present. The story of the first Black women to receive an MBE and how/why she refused it

Shirley Chisholm Unbought and Unbossed Fantastic story of the first black woman to run for President of the USA in 1972

500 Years Later directed by Owen  Alik Shahadah. Award winning, comprehensive overview of African history

Nubian Sprit directed by Louis Buckley. History of Sudan’s classical civilisation

Lion Mountains directed by Louis Buckley. History of Sierra Leone’s links to Britain

Son of Africa directed by Alrick Riley. Story of Olaudah Equiano who escaped slavery and publsihed a book in London in 1789)

Life and Debt directed by Stephanie Black .How the IMF/World Bank made Jamaica  poor

Respect:  Biggin Up Black History. Black WW2 veterans interviewed by teenagers

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome with  Dr Joy de Gruy Leary. Psychological impact of slavery on modern culture

When African Americans came to Paris Educational DVD by Walking the Spirit tours on the Black History of Paris

Motherland directed by Owen Alik Shahadah. Award winning documentary of African views on future development


Under One Flag : Details of the crucial roles of African, Asian and indigenous people of the British Empire played in World War 2. Forewords by Prince Harry and Johnson Beharry the Grenadian man who won the Victoria Cross

Before the Slave Trade Robin Walker. Pre European invasion African civilisations in pictures

Before the Slave Trade Learning Resource,  to go with the book 

When We Ruled, Robin Walker. 700 page comprehensive review of thousands of years of African civilisations

Black Mamba Boy, Nadifa Mohamed. Amazing adventure story  of Somalis who fought in the WW2  merchant navy, trekked across deserts and came to Britain

Staying power the History of Black People in Britain 211AD to 1981, Peter Fryer the legendary book

Black Victims of the Nazis, Zia N Reynolds. The life of Africans in Germany and German colonies 1904-1945

Maroon Teachers: Teaching the Transatlantic Trade in enslaved Africans, Sandra Indrajit Gift . How to teach this diffiult subject

The Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano, Olaudah Equiano an African who freed himself from slavery and became a leader of the London abolition movement published this book on his life in 1789

The Longman Companion to Slavery Emancipation and Civil Rights , Harry Harmer. Excellent

Bury the Chains , Adam Hochschild. Best selling book on Britains true role in slavery and its abolition apart from the self congratulatory hyberbole

How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, Walter Rodney. Classic book detailing Europe’s dependence on Africa to establish modern society

After Abolition Britain and the Slave Trade since 1807 , Marika Sherwood exposes the persistence of slavery in British colonies up to World War 2

Life according to Maas Roy, Yvonne Archer. Story of post windrush Jamaican veteran in the Army

Trading Souls Europe's Transatlantic Trade in Africans  Prof Hilary Beckles & Prof Verene Shepherd superb book on the topic

West Indian Women at War. British racism in World War 2, Ben Bousquet & Colin Douglas. The only book on West Indian women in WW2

Lest We Forget Robert N Murray. Memoirs of Caribbean servicemen in WW2 Britain

Reconstructing the Black Image, Gordon de la Mothe. The Black image since the 1500’s

Black Scientists and Inventors  books 1-4, Michael Williams excellent lists and notes of Black Scientists

Step Back in Time to Ancient Kush, Secrets of the Afro comb 6000 years of Art and Culture, the Story of Early Ancient Egypt Prehistoric and Old Kingdom 20,000 to 2181 BC from  www.golden-destiny.com 3 history books on African history  specially written for primary/secondary school pupils

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome groundbreaking book on after effects of enslavement on cultural behaviour

4 Apps to teach your child Black History games and interactive quizzes on geography, science, culture and heroes