Somali War Hero World War 2 350

Often in the news in certain roles but what do we really know of the Somali people ? In this 2 hour presentation we cover pre european Somali regions  of the 1800's and..

Somali cultural trade links with China in the 15th century
Queens of the Land of Punt
Frankincense, the ancient currency of the Phaorahs
Somalis in WW2. The War against Japan
The Suez Canal, the Red Sea and the Space Shuttle
10 Famous Somalis you've never heard of
The real story behind Black Hawk Down
150 years of Somalis in England

'One word for Black History Walks .. MahshaAllah ! I loved every single bit of it

! ' Fahdi Mohamed 'The group found the talk extremely useful, they were talking about it for days afterward ! Then they had a radio show dedicated just to what they discovered on the day' Leyla Hussein Somali Youth Forum 'We have learned so many things from this session!' Maxamed Asahaf Anti-Tribalism Movement