African Superheroes Day 

Saturday 30 March  3.00pm to 6.30pm,

Conference Room, Voluntary Action Camden

200a Pentonville Road, 

Tube: Kings Cross (5 mins walk)

Entry: £7.00 Adults, £5 kids  Pay on the door, first come first served. event

Many  artists are making up for the severe lack of positive images of black people in animated films and comics. We will show the history of black people in cartoons and reveal how African/Caribbean culture is essential to many block buster animations. We also expose stereotyping in some of the most popular cartoons from Disney. This animation festival for 6-60 year olds, will feature a variety of African-themed cartoons which tell tales of; Magical Nigerian women warriors, Anansi the West African Folk Hero, The story of Ogun, and other heroic black men and women. Plus examples of new Superhero cartoons/movies  coming soon !

Comments on African Superheroes Day

The African super heroes session today was great !  My two children really, enjoyed it.  They couldn't wait to get home and watch the DVD, which they did more than once .   It's 8.42am and the first thing all of my children are watching is that DVD I bought from you on Sunday (lol) no joke.   My 14 year old daughter, my 7 year old son and my 3 year old daughter are watching as I e-mail you but I need some more !  My children are hooked on the images and the story lines of all of them.


Kehinde Ogunlabi


' Surprisingly one of the best set pieces was a breakdown of the use of African culture including our dance and music traditions. The historical narrative provided  was both insightful and entertaining. The width of the section presented was breathtaking from tap dance to capoeira. In closing, guest animators were invited to share details of some of the challenges faced by artists and announce projects in production such as the exciting Anokyes Sword .It is not often a community event makes history. This one, which engaged adult and child alike through the world of animation. African Superheroes Day is a first that should be celebrated, and then repeated

Toyin Agbetu, Director and Author