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African Women Resistance Leaders : UK 1970's/80's

Friay  28 June 6.30pm to 9.00pm. This event will start at 6.30pm, latecomers will miss out and may not get a seat

 Admission free if booked via eventbrite http://africanwomenresistanceleaders-eac2.eventbrite.co.uk/#. Donations accepted on the day

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African Women Resistance Leaders.  (UK 1970's/80's) 

(Part of Black Power Sisters Weekend). In preparation for the Angela Davis film premiere on the 29 June, we present visual biographical details of black women from the UK and around the world who have resisted colonialism and racism . Women do not get the historical credit they deserve and quite often there is a focus on African Americans to the exclusion of local heroes. This event will give the audience video and documentary evidence of the who, what and why of 30 female fighters who used guns, pens or placards to fight for equallity in modern Britain. Bring notepad and pen and be on time,  latecomers will end up standing . Women include: Queen Nzinga, Dora Akunyili, Dame Jocelyn Barrow, Olive Morris, Una Marson, Edna Ismail, Lieutentant Sanite Belair, Althea Gibson, Mavis Best, Fawzia Hashim, Dr Beryl Gilroy, Leyla Hussein,Gerlin Bean, Althea Lecointe, Stella Dadzie, Dr Patrica Bath, Professor Elizabeth Anionwu and many more

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