Black History Walks is a collective of athletes, IT professionals, teachers, artists, authors and film-makers who collaborate to produce events on British history which includes African/Caribbean people, throughout the year.

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We work with  museums, schools, universities, colleges, community groups, and government agencies to run high quality professional events all year long.

Clients and associates include HM Treasury, Department For Education and Schools, Westminster Council, Lewisham Council, Camden Council, Imperial War Museum, Museum of London, Science Museum, British Film Institute, Royal Holloway University, Essex University, London School of Economics, HM Prisons, Images of Black Women, Somali Family Support Group, National Association of Black Saturday Schools,  BBC2, Discovery Channel, Teachers TV, Ben and OHTV

'Being Afro-German, I was very happy to attend two of the Black History walks  and am still amazed today by how much I learned about the many traces and hints of the African and Caribbean roots, influences and "contributions" which made London what it is today.  I am sure that similar walks could and should be organised in the bigger cities of Germany, too, but, unfortunately, Germany is still 2 or 3 steps behind in that aspect... 

Having worked in the city for a couple of years, the "St. Paul's-tour" was a real eye-opener! For years, I passed so many buildings and places, which are linked to slave trade and exploitation, on a daily basis without noticing, although some of the hints and signs are literally in our faces, including the name of my tube-station.. The guide's knowledge and passion were fascinating and I liked the way in which he involved the participants; I also met interesting people, with whom I am still in touch. I have already convinced a few friends to join me for the next walks and can only recommend this to everyoneNana King

'Thank you! Thank you so much for the information that you have sent,  I've read it about 4 times now and will forward it on to alot of my friends and family. It's a real shame that I didn't know about some the events that took place before I got this Newsletter , but look forward to not only getting more info but going to and being involved in future events. Thanks again! Joe Bloog

 'I wanted to extend a huge thank you on behalf of the EMEAR CBEN team for visiting us over black history month. The feedback we have received from our members has been great ! All three sessions were informative, highly engaging, thought-provoking and inspiring to each of our members.'
Rashada Harry, Cisco Systems

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